Axis Admin Services

Virtual Administrative and Secretarial Services for Entrepeneurs, Small Businesses and Professionals

We partner with our clients to provide customized administrative solutions and services that assist them in running their businesses as efficiently and effectively as possible, increasing their bottom line and creating a better work life balance.

Many entrepeneurs, solo practioners and small businesses try to handle all the aspects of running a business without understanding all the time consuming "non expertise" daily administrative tasks required. When you are spending your time handling general inquiries, scheduling calls, bookeeping tasks, marketing projects or solving technology issues, you are not making money. That is where Axis comes in. Axis partners with you to create a customized administrative solution that fits your needs. We charge for services only when we are working on your behalf. We handle those time consuming, but essential, administrative tasks leaving you with more billable time and a better work life balance.

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Axis Admin Services provides customized administrative office solutions and services to entrepreneurs, small businesses and professionals of all disciplines.

We have over 23 years of experience in administration, small business management and entrepreneurship


Axis Admin Services customizes our services to fit our client's needs. Whether its full administrative support in calendar management, travel reservations, phone support, invoicing, or assistance in creating a simple website, Axis can help!


Axis charges for services on an hourly basis. Clients pay only for services rendered on their behalf.